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Sustaining coaching
A place of listening and systemic reflection for company leaders
Open executive coaching in Belgium and in Europe

Sustaining coaching enables executives and executive teams to have a place where they can talk, stand back for a while and think on current issues. This type of coaching differs from "traditional" coaching by letting the leader decide which topics he wishes to work on during each session with the coach. As for the other types of coaching, "open" coaching " calls on the inner resources of the coachee. A quick training to new techniques of decision taking, interpersonal relationships or management may be given if necessary.

The specificities of sustaining coaching approach are threefold:

1.       the duration of the intervention is set for a given period (generally a year) and the agenda of meetings is set in advance (e.g. on the basis of a monthly meeting of a couple of hours).

2.       at every meeting the executive or the team brings one or more professional topics they'd like to work on. The coach on his side commits to have the competencies deemed necessary to help the coachee/team work on these topics whether on strategic level, management level, interpersonal level or personal level.

3.       the approach relies on a double methodology aiming simultaneously at short term problems resolution and at detecting recurrent underlying dysfunctions. Hence the coach's intervention consists of working on both short term and long term issues to let the executive/team become aware of his shadow areas and explore new kinds of behaviour more success prone.

Sustaining coaching relationship is particularly adapted to the needs of business leaders or executive teams who look for a reliable, competent and neutral place where they can talk, think and get a global view. It allows the leaders to quickly make up their mind on essential issues. The coach's mission consists of reflecting the most reliable image of the situation to enable the coachees to see the "full" picture of complex situations and therefore to clearly "see" the most appropriate measures to take on the short term and on the long term.

Sustaining executive coaching in Belgium and in Europe

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