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Practical aspects
Corporate coaching in Belgium and in Europe

Coaching supervision, One-on-one Executive Coaching, Executive Team Coaching and Corporate Coaching missions are usually set in a predefined number of sessions spreaded over a given period. The amount of sessions, their duration and the global period of the coaching mission vary in function of the central topic and the degree of urgency. For supervision, I usually propose a series of ten monthly one-hour sessions. For the coaching interventions, the three parameters above are mutually agreed during a preliminary meeting where the executive or the team leader can meet the coach, ask him all questions deemed necessary and feel whether a trustful relationship can be established.

I accept supervision, one-one-one coaching and team coaching missions when the initial demand has been explicitely expressed by the person or the team themselves. I only accept corporate coaching missions upon a strong commitment of the executive team. Undertaking a coaching process is an important decision that requires full involvement of the person/team. If they're not fully convinced of the use of such a step, it is better to wait. In the case of an individual coaching mission prescribed by the N+1, a first joint meeting is organised with the coachee and her superior (and sometimes with a HR representative as well) in order to define the framework of the mission, clarify everyone's expectations and make everyone agree upon the modus operandi. A joint meeting is also organised at mid-term for an intermediate assessment, and finally a closing meeting is organised at the end of the mission for a global assessment.

Needless to say that what is said during the coaching sessions remains confidential unless prior and explicit authorisation from the organisation/team/person. Moreover, I fully abide by International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics (PDF file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader).

A supervision or coaching session is generally structured as follows:

  1. Description of the context and of the main topic, wording of the demand, definition of session objective and result indicators.
  2. Systemic analysis of the different possible scenarios using rational and intuitive approaches.
  3. Search for options and their possible consequences.
  4. Highlight and prioritizing of solutions.
  5. Definition of ambitious though realistic objectives, action plan and follow-up.
  6. Recapitulation and appraisal of session.

Place of intervention: in the organisation's premises, in my office, or any other place mutually agreed.

Business Coaching in Belgium and in Europe

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