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Articles on coaching-related topics:

·         Dysfonctionnements organisationnels et individuels en entreprise : la double triade

·         The Drama Triangle - Identifying and defusing psychological games in companies

·         L'humour dans l'entreprise - Une technique simple et agréable pour mieux communiquer et motiver son entourage

·         Leaders and Intuition - A powerful tool to leverage the decision process

·         Short-term coaching for quickly dealing with specific issues

·         Executive coaching - A respectful approach to reach superior levels of performance

·         See also a series of articles on taking charge of a new position (in French): www.first100days.be

One-to-one executive coaching in Brussels

Useful links on coaching:

·         International Coach Federation (ICF) - Largest coach association in the world (HQ based in the USA)

·         European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) (HQ based in UK)

·         European Coaching Association (ECA) (HQ based in France)

·         Groupe d'Intervention et de Recherche en Organisation des Systèmes (G.I.R.O.S.) - (based in Belgium)

·         The Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, California - A leading source of ideas in the area of interactional/systemic studies

·         Transactional Analysis - Dr. Eric Berne - Transactional Analysis' founder

·         NLP University - Robert B. Dilts - One of most renowned Neuro-Linguistic Programming's contributors

·         European Institute for Intervention and Research on Burn Out (based in Brussels)

Executive coaching in companies

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